Affordable, quality, health solutions for Georgia REALTORS® members.

The Georgia Real Estate Health Benefits Center, a health insurance program designed exclusively for GAR members.

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Georgia REALTORS® is excited to announce that there is now an alternative to the ACA exchange and private insurance for our members. With the Georgia Real Estate Health Benefits Center, you and your dependents may qualify for quality, affordable coverage that works with your lifestyle, gives you the best care possible and fits with your financial picture. Click here for a program overview, and if you're interested in attending a live video, click here.

Who’s this plan for?

Members of the Georgia Association of Realtors who are Business Owners, Sole Proprietors, or Independent Contractors, and their families. This is a great plan for individual business owners in good health who feel they are paying too much premium for too little in benefits.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Fill out the online application with some basic information about you and your family ( if applicable)

Step 2

If you are eligible for the program you’ll get plans with rates instantly.

Step 3

If you like the rates continue by answering some health questions.

Step 4

If you qualify, simply select the plan you prefer.

Step 5

Accept the offer and sign the contracts - Congratulations!

Please note: To be eligible for this program you must have a Tax ID. If you do not have one click here for more information. Want more details on the program? See our FAQs

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Backed by Our GAR Insurance Trustees

Dorrie Love

GAR 2021 President

Barbara Kennon

Columbus ,GA

Linda Carol Porterfield

Athens ,GA

Neal Jackson

Monroe ,GA

Ryan Brashear

Augusta ,GA

Steven Fischer

Savannah ,GA

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